Manage Your Social Media Profiles

Bad reputation online? Don’t let it happen!


We see it more and more today – potential employers Googling a person’s name; we might hear a story of a person with unsavory pictures on their Facebook page being given the stink eye at the company party.

Well, here is some good advice from Mashable on managing all of your social network pages. The key for everybody here is CONSISTENCY. You don’t want to look like somebody with multiple personality disorder (even if you ARE), so you want to make sure that all of your profiles are up-to-date, relatively decent (or at least sanitary), and that they all point to you, and not someone else who happens to have your name or happens to use your favorite username.

Another recent article about managing your reputation online is this one, from the New York Times, about Google beginning to display profile results for name queries. You should manage your profile and be very sure that anything damaging will be removed, or at least amended.

Some real-world incidents pointed out in an Ad Age article about community building…

  • An employer updated his LinkedIn profile to say he was looking to hire new programmers. Current employees thought they were at risk and started leaving.
  • An HR person turned down a candidate because he noticed that a candidate’s professional profiles varied from network to network.
  • A co-op board rejected an applicant because an “old” profile seemed to suggest the person had not held a steady job in six years.

Since you are the product these days, it can mean the difference between getting or losing out on a job, an apartment or a romantic relationship. Bad Reputation is a great song by Joan Jett, don’t get me wrong – you just might not want it to be the soundtrack to your life.


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