The Web, Reshaped

Nielsen has reported that social networks and Online video are “reshaping the Web.” In other words, these applications are increasing and deepening Online engagement in ways that are more personal and individual.

In the early days of the Internet, long ago, before social networks came about, the focus was on portals and shopping directories. Online users were more apt to browse and wade through information. Today, users want more personalized, customized and targeted information.

Take, for example, Congoo, which seems to be a combination news/social networking site. This site allows people to customize what kinds of news they want to see, with the added bonus of content sharing and networking. With so much news and information on the Internet, it is nice to have the option of limiting what you receive.

So, where are we headed? Something that is really coming into its own is Personalization – which can only be better for advertisers and marketers. How easy it is to reach targets when everything becomes personal. Or, to put it more succinctly, according to the “Now Possible” web site:

“The more literally a company…

1.) uses a customer’s information to…

2.) provide unique benefits to that customer…

the more likely that personalization will influence a customer’s behavior. Translation, your business grows and profits, even in challenging markets.”

Now, Brandweek reported earlier this week that CMOs are not happy with digital. Why? Because they do not understand what they should be getting out of it. They know that it’s the wave of the future, they understand the reason and possibilities in specified targeting, but…then what?



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